Space Invaders videopak for OP-Z (iOS, Android and MacOS)

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This videopak brings the Space Invaders to the OP-Z app! Use the green encoder on the motion track to move around and press any button to shoot. Press the black "0" button to toggle sound effects on and off. The original space invaders sounds are included in the .aif file. Drop this on your OP-Z in "samplepacks/4-fx/10" and then while playing Space Invaders select the last samplepack on channel 4 of your active pattern.

There are three different levels and the game will keep cycling through until you die.

Good luck and have fun!

Demo video:

Note: this pak is in the new zpak format which doesn't require a computer/itunes to install. With the latest version of the app this pak will autoinstall if you open the zpak file on your device.

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Space Invaders zpak + .aif file with original sound effects


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